stoney backup - Swiss Backup-Services for your Company
geographical separated backup
differentiated and encrypted data transfer
Access to daily, weekly and monthly backups
Individual backup plan
Backup notification
Swiss based location

Swiss Backup-Services for your Company

With stoney backup you can save your data in Swiss data centres and protect it from hardware errors, tampering or natural hazards.

Create your own individual backup-plan and gain access to daily, weekly and monthly backups. You will be informed personally about partly executed or failed backups.

Your Benefits

  • Geographically separated backup
  • Differential and encrypted data transfer
  • Access to daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Individual backup plan
  • Backup notification
  • Located in Switzerland

Scope of Services

Safeguard your data over an encrypted connection to our Online Backup infrastructure for maximum protection in case of fire, major water damage, or other natural disasters.

Your data will be compared on a daily basis to the previous day's backup. If any changes were found, a copy of the data will be created (called a snapshot). This allows you to have access to 7 daily, 4 weekly and 3 monthly backups. Each time, only the modified data will be copied - thereby making optimal use of the available disk space.

Secure your data independently from the installed operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux,...) with the help of our backup software. Or integrate the backup process into your infrastructure, which is made possible through a number of supported protocols (scp, sftp, ssh or rsync via ssh).


stoney backup is available in any size. Changes can be made monthly.

All prices are in Swiss Francs and recurring monthly.
Descriptionexcl. VATincl. VAT
stoney backup [service charge]5.005.38
plus Storage [Tier 3 (HD)] [per Gibibyte]0.100.11


daily backups scheduled
regulary backups successfull saved in swiss cloud
manual restore of data
succesful manual backup
personal backup
Logfale of data saved

Backup Client Download

Below you can find the proper version of stoney backup for your operating system:

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (local time in Switzerland)
09:00 - 12:00
13:30 - 17:00

Telephone: +41 31 332 53 63


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